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Elizabeth Chapel Moment April 21, 2024

Aletha Rogers with her husband Ron

I grew up in a Baptist Family.  The little church now known as Peachtree Methodist, was Peachtree Baptist in my childhood years (my grandparents and I) walked to the services as many others did at that time.  My grandad lead singing as I stood by his side thinking I knew how to sing also.  I was five or six at the time. 

Now as a Methodist my time here has been and still is a learning experience.  I have learned different personalities, about the rules of the church, and WNC Conference.  I add to what I have gained from working 30years with Junaluska Conference Center.

I have learned how much this church family cares about each other, and most of all I have been able to study more and more about God and his Son CHRIST JESUS.

Ron and I came here after our marriage 35 years ago.  We can count on one hand the Sundays we have missed then til now.  Ron came here as a young boy with his family.  It was only natural that we would come back to Elizabeth Chapel.

I am so happy to be in GOD’S house with GOD’S people.

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