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Sunday 12/17 Prayer Journal

December 17,

Prayer Journal for the 3rd Sunday of Advent




Holy God of Joy,We rejoice in the reality of who you are.We live within the joy of your love for us.Our contentment comes and goes.Our happiness ebbs and flows.Our feelings depend upon our circumstances,our physical health, our brain chemistry.But our joy is deeply rootedin our identity as your beloved children.And we give you thanks. Amen.


Read : Isiah 64:1-4, 8-11 and Luke 1:46-55




Where do you find Joy in your life?

How does your joy compare to the promises of the Prophet Isaiah and Mary’s Song in the Gospel of Luke?

What are the obstacles you need to overcome to experience a fierce Joy this Christmas?





As we navigate the complexities of life, let us cultivate a fierce joy like Mary's. Let our hearts sing praises, not only in times of ease but especially in the midst of challenges. May we echo Mary's declaration that God's promises are true, and our joy is found in surrendering to His divine plan.In conclusion, Mary's fierce joy is an enduring testament to faith in action. It's a call for us to embrace joy not as a fleeting emotion but as a steadfast commitment to trust in God's goodness. May our lives resonate with the resounding joy found in a deep and unwavering connection with the One who holds our past, present, and future in His hands. Amen.




Take some time out of your busy schedule from now until Christmas and do something that brings you Joy. 




Where have you experienced God’s fierce Joy this Advent Season and remember “better days are yet to come!”


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