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Prayer Journal January 14, 2024 "Come and See!"

Prayer Journal January 14, 2024


Dear Lord, 

We pray that we would see Jesus in the Scripture story.Open our ears God, and open our hearts. Take every barrierto your Spirit’s teaching. Give us your Word, God,and pour out your Truth. Amen.

Read:  John 1:43-54


·       As you have listened to the sermon “Come and See,” think about a time in your life that someone invited you to “Come and See Jesus.” 

·       Reflect on your faith journey. 

·       When did you first encounter Jesus?

·       How has the encounter shaped your life?

As United Methodists our faith is not merely a set of beliefs, but a living, breathing relationship with Jesus Christ our Savior. 



Where have you seen the fruits of your relationship with Jesus Christ? 

I believe that God intends for us to live a happy, healthy life, and is encouraging us to invite others to simply “Come and See Jesus.”

We are blessed when we share this Good News. 


How will you engage your faith this week? 

Let me encourage you to consider attending the Basic Lay Servant Class on January 27 at Elizabeth Chapel.

Call me or text me at (419)351-2010 to discuss engaging your faith.


In closing, the call "Come and See!" beckons us to experience the living Christ in our lives. 

Just as Nathanael's skepticism turned to belief, may our doubts be replaced with unwavering faith through personal encounters with Jesus. 

Let us, as a community, embrace the invitation to a vibrant, transformative relationship with our Lord and Savior. Amen.


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