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Prayer Journal for Sunday February 11, Mark 9:2-9

Prayer Journal for Sunday February 11


Dear Lord,

We thank you for reminding us that Jesus’ transfiguration is our call to Shine.  We shine when we bring God’s light into the midst of darkness.  We shine when we Love God and when we love others.  Now as we look forward to our Lenten Journey, we look to the cross, and to the resurrection. Yes Lord we believe the best is yet to come.  In Jesus name we pray, Amen!


Mark 9:2-9, John 1:4-5


How will you shine like Jesus in your everyday life?   Set a goal to shine this week.

Here is the conclusion of my sermon:

I believe that we have been called to share the glorious light of the resurrected Jesus with a world that needs this kind of hope.  In other words, I believe we have been called to SHINE. This humble nonviolent kind of love is available to all people simply by taking up the cross and following him.  God’s love will overcome the forces of evil, the forces of poverty, drug addictions, and other forms of darkness when we shine the light of Jesus.

      So how do we begin to shine like Jesus? 

I have said it before we begin with prayer.  We attend worship regularly, we study the Bible, we meet in small groups to share our faith journeys in community with one another “watching over one another in love? 

      We serve the needs of others in mission to our local community, nation and world, and we give generously to help build the Kingdom of God’s love.  And oh I almost forgot we extend Hospitality to others, offer them Jesus, we align with the purposes of Jesus and we engage as the hands and feet of Jesus.  We live, love and lead like Jesus.  When we do these things  we SHINE.



Yield to God and God will provide the yield.  Jesus light is contagious, yielding more hope, more peace, more joy, and most of all more love.


Once you have set a goal to shine in your everyday life, take action and be the hands and feet of Jesus. 




God is with us.  All things are possible with God.



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