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P.R.A.Y.E.R. Journal for April 28, 2024 "Abide Part Two"

Prayer Journal for Sunday April 28, 5th Sunday of Easter


Dear Lord

Thank you for the gift of this day.  On this 5th Sunday of Easter our enthusiasm for the resurrection is fading.  The world is overwhelming us once again.  Help us to hear the call to abide in a deeper relationship with God, self, and others.  O God, give us the courage to abide when life is too challenging or uncomfortable and we want to run and hide.  Strengthen our spirit and pave the way for us to learn to abide in YOU.  In Jesus name we pray. Amen


Read: John 15:1-10



How secure do you feel about being attached to the vine? What has God done in your life to make it more productive?


Yield:  What do we need to prune in our life to bear more fruit for God’s community?



 What steps will you take this week to bear more fruit in God’s community?

Sunday May 5th scripture lesson is John 15:11-15.  Read next week’s Bible passage and think about this question, how do you abide in God’s love and your love for one another?



 Write down one thing that you are grateful for and give God praise and thanks.




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