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Christmas Eve 2023 Prayer Journal

Prayer Journal For Sunday December 24th



(inspired by Luke 1:46-55)

Every notion we have about power, success,wealth, and achievement,God takes and tosses out the window.More importantly, God comes to us, to upset our notion that we have to save ourselves.In Jesus, God comes to us, removing our sin, our failures, our expectations,so we might have new life.  Please join me as we pray, saying,We confess we are not the people you hope us to be, Advent God.The very ones you favor, we too often ignore or ridicule.The ones you knock off their pedestals, we admire and emulate.We are so focused on having more and more,we risk being sent away empty. Forgive us, Mighty God,and look with grace upon us.We would live secure in your love;we would be the ones of peace for our world,we would seek to do your will,as did Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior,in whose name we pray.Silence is keptEven now—yes, even in this very moment,God comes to us,bringing hope,bringing forgiveness,bringing grace as freely offered gifts to us.May we open our hearts to the God who is with us,and receive the gifts which have been offered to us.Thanks be to God. Amen.


Read: Matthew: 1:18-25


Apply:  How has God’s love transformed you this Advent and Christmas Season?  How has God’s love transformed us!


Yield:    When we say yes to God, we say yes to Love.  Jesus demonstrated God’s love for us!  Love transforms us in the image of God.


Engage:  How will you be more loving this Christmas Season? 


Remember:  Where have you seen God’s love at work this Christmas Season?

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