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P.R.A.Y.E.R Journal Sunday June 23 1 Samuel 17:32-50 "Just a Little Faith"



Dear Lord,


Thank you for the gift of another Sunday.  May we worship and praise you in all we do and say.  Help us to learn the lesson from David through his battle with Goliath that a simple faith will overcome all the giants we will face on a daily basis.   Once again you call us to use our graces, gifts, and talents for your purposes and not own.  Send your Holy Spirit to guide us and strengthen us in this journey we all life. Yes Lord we pray in the strong name of Jesus. Amen


Read: 1 Samuel 17:32-49




·      How will you apply today’s message?

·      Reflect on the giants that you face in your life.

·      Do you have a heart for God?

·      Will you trust God to overcome your giants?




·      What will you give up while facing your giants this week?

·      How much time will you spend on facing your giants this week?




·      Make a list of steps that you will do this week to help you overcome your giants. 

·      Share this list with a trusted family member or friend to hold you accountable to take these steps with just a little faith.


  We can learn about how to get things done through todays message about facing our giants. We can find strength in living simple lives while relying on God to provide all that we need.  David kept it simple; he used what he had to defeat the Giant. 

      The Bible is packed with stories of how God provided more than enough.  While Moses and God’s people were wandering in the desert God provided their daily portion of manna and quail.  God provided more than enough for them to eat and survive the long and grueling journey. 

      Jesus is a great example of how to move through transitions and changes in life. Jesus talks about faith in the Parable of the Mustard Seed.  The little mustard seed will grow into a large tree and say to the mountain “move from here to there” and the mountain is moved into the sea.  Nothing is impossible with God.

I have learned a lot about dealing with the Transitions in life by asking the questions What, Why, Who and How.   With just a little faith God will help us face our giants with confidence win the daily battle.  With just a little faith God will not forget our cries for help and the joy will come in the morning and we will sing God’s praises.  With just a little faith God provided God’s people with their daily portion and that more than enough  and 

      Write down where you have seen God moving in your life and give God thanks.


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