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Elizabeth Chapel Moment April 28, 2024

Holly Trull with her husband Tim

It’s hard to put a lifetime of love into one moment, but here it goes.

Elizabeth Chapel and our congregation has been a part of my family since the day I was born.  I was baptized here and grew up here.  Miss Margaret, my mom Gail Powell, and Lynn Medford were my Sunday School teachers.  I learned about kindness, humbleness, and to love the Lord from them. 

This church embraced my husband Tim and my children Milas and Max like they were their own.  I was married in this church and both of my boys were baptized and became members of this church. 

Elizabeth Chapel has been a place of comfort in my saddest times as well as a place of joy in my happiest times.  This church and the people here mean the world to me, and I know I am always welcomed with open arms.  I thank God for this is where I learned and I am still learning about His Word.

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